Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Awesome Indies Review

I am delighted this week to share a paragraph from a review of The Chinese Spymaster (published in 2013) in AWESOME INDIES.

Told primarily from Wang’s point of view, with occasional diversions to other characters who are central to the overall plot, and written in English, but in Chinese style language, it will be difficult at first for the average English language reader (American or UK), but patience is its own reward. The story unfolds much like a traditional Chinese story would unfold, and in the end the reader will be rewarded with a fuller understanding of the murky world of intelligence and foreign relations, as seen through non-Western eyes. That alone would make it a worthwhile read, but the fact that it’s a well-constructed story with tons of suspense and the occasional plot twist, merely adds frosting to a tasty reading treat. 
For the full review, follow this link.

Awesome Indies itself is 
... an indie book accreditation service that approves independently published works of fiction that meet the same standards as books published by mainstream publishers – as evaluated by publishing industry professionals. We aim to showcase books that meet a specific set of standards for fiction writing so readers can browse for indie books knowing they will be buying well-crafted works.

It's stated mission is
  • Identify and honor independently published books that meet, or improve on, the standard of books published by major mainstream publishers and their imprints.
  • Promote and support Awesome Indies Approved (AIA) authors and their books,
  • Raise the standard of independent publishing,
  • Assist authors to achieve quality, 
  • Raise the image of independent publishing among readers.
  • Operate ethically in all aspects of our endeavors.
As an "Indie Writer," all I can say is - more power to them! Visit and explore the website (link).

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