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As much about my recent writing as needs to be revealed is reproduced in my Amazon Author Page. My views on writing have been conveniently collected in an interview on Smashwords.  Following are some non writing activities.

I am active in a community theater group and we are looking forward to producing "The Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet" in the Spring of 2015. Here is a picture of the cast.

I have also organized the dramatic reading of The Ingenious Judge Dee. This turned out better than I could have hoped for due to the strong cast that I was fortunate to recruit. Here is a picture of most of us.

The most well known production I have had the pleasure of being a part in was The King and I a few years ago.  It has been a wonderful experience especially because of the presence of children aged six to sixteen.  Life is so full of promise.

I played the Kralahome who is something of a "heavy."  The make up was easy this time (it has not always been so).

More pictures at the following link to my Picasa -- Album of The King and I

Sierra College has approved my application to teach a (very) brief course on Chinese history and literature in the Fall of 2011.  It will include a reading of portions of The Battle of Chibi, naturally.

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