Monday, September 14, 2015

The Ninja and the Diplomat, a promotion

The Chinese intelligence agency received this message from a trusted asset. He had just completed the sale of MANPADs, manually portable anti-aircraft devices, in Macau. His customer was Carlos a.k.a. Hashim. Why buy arms for the rebels in the Philippines? What else lurks unseen?

This is, as the cover indicates, volume 2 of The Chinese Spymaster. It is neither a sequel to the first nor the prequel to the (forthcoming) third volume. I set off on this series to see if I could write without something already written to translate or adapt or retell.

As for the promotion, I have read a great deal on what makes for sales of books. But I have decided that, for now, it would be a good thing to give it away. The following coupon, PD35A, will enable you to obtain a copy in any eformat from Smashwords (link).  

Those who wish to purchase it from Amazon may use this link. As the author I thank you.

But the offer of this book for free is without obligation. Just note the coupon expires on September 20. A review or a rating on your usual haunt would be much appreciated.

In addition, five paperback copies will be given away via Goodreads Giveaway program

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The Ninja and the Diplomat by Hock G. Tjoa

The Ninja and the Diplomat

by Hock G. Tjoa

Giveaway ends October 15, 2015.

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