Wednesday, January 21, 2015

What is this about a TARGET MARKET?

A writer has to be engaged in what he/she writes. Personally, I could not write with an eye out for a potential audience. I write because something bugs me or enthralls me; it demands that I pay attention and sort something out in my mind and perhaps on paper. Recently it had to do with some Mycenaean myths. But that is so last year.

Now it is the question why China seems to go out of its way to alienate its Eastern and Southeastern neighbors over some very small islands in the open seas. This does not make sense to me; there is something I must be missing and it has puzzled me for a year or two. O.K. so geopolitical intrigue is not everybody's  cup of tea. I wonder if it is anybody's? Should I add a pinch of romance and a dash of the paranormal? Honestly, I might succumb in volume three of the series but don't think I am ready for either yet.

There are tons of academic or military studies of the issue(s). I shall read a few to see if anything stands out, but my expectations in this area are low. My intention is to tell a story about some intelligent and reasonably open-minded Chinese and their attempts to make sense of these questions. I will wrap an intelligence agency around the concept to spice it up a little. Besides I have a series started called The Chinese Spymaster and I have a wish to continue the story of Spymaster Wang (up to a volume three).

The CIA will not be involved, nor MI-6, and not the Mossad. But yes, the story will center on an imagined Chinese intelligence agency having to deal with a matter of its national security and incidentally there are these perhaps larger questions. There will be local (Party) intrigue, of course. Some of the nation's concerned neighbors will have a role of major or minor consequence, depending.  

What market could I target for this? 

Beats me, but I would love some advice. A few zingers would be just lovely. 

Send me an email. Or a tweet.

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